Application Privacy Policy

Regarding the handling of information gathered by this application
Ateam Entertainment Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Ateam") sets forth the following provisions regarding information acquired by this application and its usage aims, etc. in addition to the Privacy Policy established separately (

Information Acquired

Ateam acquires and uses user information with this application and service. If information is not provided, some or all of the application and service may be unusable.

1. Device information
Information acquired: information that can identify the user's device, including ID and OS version information
Acquisition method: automatic
2. Purchase information
Information acquired: information on purchases made within the application
Acquisition method: automatic
3. Advertising identifiers
Information acquired: Advertising Identifier (iOS) or Advertising ID (Android)
Acquisition method: automatic
4. Inquiry information
Information acquired: This application ID, the device in use, and other information entered into contact forms, additional confirmation information requested from Ateam, email address
Acquisition method: entered by user (note: email address only is automatically acquired from the mailer)

Purpose of use:
- To confirm the identity of the user
- To prevent use that violates the terms of use
- For research on usage trends
- For dealing with inquiries
- To tailor advertisements to the user
- To measure the impact of posted advertisements
- For replying to inquiries and confirming the identity of the user

Stopping automatic transmission of information
No method for stopping automatic transmission of information is provided with this application. Please uninstall the application if you would like to stop sending data.

Information retention period
To facilitate the needs required for the purpose of use, information collected will be retained until it is deemed no longer necessary. After that, it will be promptly deleted or anonymized.

Deletion and correction of information
All requests and inquiries regarding collected information should be directed to the following office. Requests and inquiries will be processed and dealt with appropriately.
Contact Name: Revue Starlight Operations Office
Contact Info:

We may revise all or part of this application privacy policy. If there are major changes, we will announce the changes.

The privacy policy separately specified by the Company is applied to all matters not stipulated in this application privacy policy.